Pierre Michel exists today for a simple reason, we have an appreciation for fine hand crafted works. Hand forging iron is a dying art. It demands years of experience and patience to create these pieces from solid iron. Each piece is individual and unique, unlike cast iron which is simply molten metal poured into a mould. Heated in a coke-fuelled forge to a red heat and beaten into shape over an anvil. Riveted and collared together using a minimum of modern methods. Structurally guaranteed for twenty years, with confidence.

Using local craftsmen we have been producing forged iron furniture since 1976 making individual pieces to order. We have now decided to take our business in a new direction, allowing us increase our efficiency and reduce our prices. We have developed, and now concentrate on the production of our own range of timeless forged iron products, based on authentic designs and skillfully finished to enhance the true character of this age old craft.

Currently available is our range of beds, but more products we will introduce over time. We sincerely hope that making these works more readily available will give more people the opportunity to own and appreciate true quality in wrought iron furniture.